History / Philosophy

Four generations of the Bowman family in the pipeline and facility business built many of Kern County’s refineries, boilers, gas plants, and contributed to oil & gas production and distribution.

Bud Bowman started at Oil Field Construction in 1930 and ran it for many years.

Junior Bowman, Bud’s son, worked alongside him eventually running Oil Field Construction, then Southwest Contractors in the mid 80’s.

Tim Bowman, Junior’s son,  has worked with Junior for 30+ years.

TJ Bowman, Tim’s son,  has worked at Southwest Contractors since 2010, and represents the fourth generation.


  • Extensive knowledge of the area
  • Understanding of the business evolution and industry practices
  • Actual experience on most of the physical properties


SWC is known for Integrity and Experience:

  • Pride of Ownership, Reputation
  • Pride in Workmanship
  • Capabilities and Resources