Since 1981, Southwest Contractors has installed hundreds of miles of pipeline, from the smallest gathering and flow lines to large diameter cross country mainline. Through the years Southwest Contractors has provided safe, efficient, professional service by maintaining a fleet of modern equipment and providing experienced, qualified craftsmen to the pipeline industry.

From the San Joaquin Valley’s oilfields, to the peaks of the Tehachapi Mountains, to the barren Desert… throughout the Southwest …we can meet the industry’s needs.

SWC as a company, and every employee, vendor and contractor associated with Southwest Contractors, has an absolute commitment to safety.

We promote safety as part of our company culture, and expect it from all parties involved. We believe in coming to work rested and alert, ready to work as a team to get things done the safe way, which is the right way.

We will help each other and have a zero tolerance for unsafe behavior. This attitude is at the heart of our Behavior-Based Safety philosophy, (BBS). It is everyone’s responsibility to work safe, and stop work immediately when an unsafe condition or behavior could result in an undesirable event.